The predicted death of three Dutch bishops in 1966-1967

My father made a long study of various remarkable phenomena, including apparitions of the Lady of All Nations in Amsterdam. He did this on the basis of observations and reasoning. Most often he put his reasonings explicitly on paper; these versions are still preserved in his archive. At irregular times, one or several times a year, he published a paper named “Ster van de Zee” (“Star of the Sea”), and sent this to a limited audience, including (part of) the Dutch bishops. From 1982 he also sent this upon request to the Catholic Documentation Centre in Nijmegen; here is an indirect link to that archive.

In the summer of 1965 my father began to suspect that a calamity could strike the Dutch bishops. At the end of August 1965 there was a sort of confirmation: a fire in the Episcopal Palace in Utrecht. Then in September a comet named Ikeya-Seki was discovered; in October disintegrated close to the sun; while portraying that the cup was being filled. This corresponds to the Revelation 16: 8, and also to a message from the apparitions of Garabandal (more on that here).

Early in 1966 my father sent the Dutch bishops a letter with a warning that they were in big danger. He devoted a paragraph to Bishop Van Deursen, whose death in 1962 was related to his “reckless” rejection of the Lady of All Nations. None of the bishops replied. Sadly the danger that my father had warned for, came true.

In the book “Bezorgde Vaders” (“Concerned Fathers”) I have written the following:

In 1965 my father studied a number of phenomena that seemed to be interconnect. Among these was a dream that the Italian saint Don Bosco had had a century earlier. When he was 10 years old, Don Bosco dreamt that his working area would be “youth”. He became a priest and indeed he dedicated himself for young people. In another dream he saw that three out of seven boys at his boarding house would die, and this prevision came true. My father got the idea that this dream could become applicable again to the seven Dutch bishops. He got a confirmation in a kind of experiment. On January 19, 1966, he wrote a letter to each of the seven bishops. He referred among others to the apparitions of Mary as the Lady of All Nations in Amsterdam. The responsible diocese of Haarlem had not examined those appearances carefully at the time. My father also named the diocese of Breda, where was something similar had happened. The bishop of Breda happened to be a brother of a good friend of my mother.

My father warned of three possible deaths, from 10 March, and also wrote how the bishops could avert this: with the Eucharist and devotion for Mary. Don Bosco had seen that in another dream as guidance for the church in turbulent times.

None of the bishops would ever answer that remarkable letter. But everything came pretty accurately true. The popular bishop Bekkers of Den Bosch likely received another message on that day January 20: it was found that he had brain cancer. The next day this was news in the media. At sunset on March 9 bishop Dodewaard of Haarlem died. Bekkers died on May 9, and bishop De Vet of Breda died on 27 March 1967.

Striking, but had Dodewaard not died a day too early? My father later wrote that he had based the 10th of March among others on the Jewish calendar system. According to that system the new day begins at sunset.

The letter to the bishops is given below:

Synaction Research

Noordwijk aan zee                      19 January 1966

To the Dutch bishops and their priest-cooperators

Dear Sirs,

Conscientious research shows that God must be angry with you, for you don't believe in the works of the Paraclete through the 'small ones', and because you dismiss the works as unreliable. The cup of God's wrath is now over-flowing especially for you, as you will see:

I have sent to the bishop of Rotterdam in 1962 a study about the death of Mgr. Van Deursen as a sign of the Lady of All Nations. The death body of this resistance leader was exposed in the chapel (of the seminary) in Warmond in the night of 18 to 19 February 1958, the very night of the sign of the Lady that he had rejected so carelessly.

On 8.8.65 I have communicated to the Prince of the Netherlands a scheme of 8 dates discovered with Don Bosco, about a church-politics struggle, from 30.4.47 up to 30.8.65. The last date was then still in the future, but the fire on that evening in the bishop's palace at Maliebaan 40, Utrecht, appears to fit surprisingly well in the scheme.

On 8.10.65 I sent a report to Minister Vondeling, of which 1 copy is still left for you, showing among others that the date of his birth emphasized the link between this fire and the vision of Kempenaers in Onkerzele (Belgium) on the Friday of the Holy Shroud, March 2 1934, in the second week of the Lenten tide. Then, on 12.10.65 it was as if the comet started to fill the Cup, with blood from Hydra, to overflow the cup on 15.10.65.

Now computing from the night of February 18 to 19, 1962, when Van Deursen's body was exposed in the chapel:
1290 nights: the fire of Maliebaan 40
1335 nights: the overflow (Daniel 12:11-12)
1332 nights: the filling started (2x666)

The Lady has more of such surprises for you and the Holy Office. For you there is a similar threat as in the shroud-Friday vision of 1934: together with black priests, 4 bishops of the 7 are led away to a mud pool, under threat of soiled Holy Face, though 1 of the 4 got remorse, just in time; his palace burnt and someone said: 40. On shroud-Friday, 21.3.1862, Don Bosco saw someone in a shroud, who pointed one of the boys his coffin. Don Bosco tells this because God would ask otherwise: "Dog, why don't you bark when the time has come?". This symbolism reminds of Amsterdam. Hence this letter.

Maybe on 10.3 a '68' period starts, and therefore watch Don Bosco's dream of December 31, 1867. It foretold 3 deaths for 1868 (68), plus disasters. Only the Eucharist and devotion to Mary help against this. Without these two, one receives nothing, according to Don Bosco. Even a single death sin of one boy would make in 68 God's punishing hand come down onto the oratorio.

If you want I will be glad to compile a research report for further explanation. Let Breda also think about the Bride (of Welberg). Probably wrong guidance made her a symbol of inpurity in the Church and a mirror for us.

Most sincerely,

Dr. L van Delft

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