Distributing prayer cards in Southern Africa

From 2 to 30 July 2010 I made an organized tour in southern African countries. The nuns from the chapel of the Lady of All Nations in Amsterdam had asked me to distribute 2000 prayer cards and 5 information magazines. They told that it would go well. I took the challenge, but I was a bit unsure about the mission.
The tour involved a lot of travelling, from Johannesburg via Botswana, Victoria Falls in Zambia, Botswana again, Namibia to Cape Town; in total about 8000 km. The first 20 days I had no opportunity to visit a church, since the program was quite tight. I worried that if this would continue, I would have to return home with the complete package.

Then we stayed a few days in the Namibian coastal town Swakopmund. There I found an opportunity to talk to a nun at the terrain of the Unserer Lieben Frau vom Rosenkranz/Our Lady of the Rosary church.

I told her about the apparitions, and gave her one pack of images and an information magazine. She promised to hand it this the priest, but she also told the catholic community there was quite small.
Afterwards, when I left the terrain, I was a bit in doubt on this first hand out. Then I looked up at the street, and my eyes caught a shop with the name Stella Maris. That is also a title of Mary, and this coincidence gave me a positive feeling.

About a week later we were in Cape Town. I looked up the catholic churches on the Internet. I found the cathedral, not far from our hotel. The Anglican cathedral was also relatively close by. The next day we got up very late, and after breakfast (almost noon) we started to walk in the direction of the cathedral. It was a nice walk, passing a park, but the cathedral was a bit harder to find than expected. We ended up at the Anglican cathedral; then I decided to try to deliver some images there.
First we entered a cellar with an interesing exhibition on the peaceful anti-apartheid protests that started from the cathedral in September 1989.

Thereafter I went to the cathedral’s main entrance. There I was struck by an orb with a cross in front of the door, as seen on this picture:

It looks just like the orb and the cross on the images that I wanted to deliver there.
Inside I spoke with a lady of the cathedral. She was interested in apparitions of Mary. I told her about the Lady of All Nations. In particular I told that my mother had attended a mass in Amsterdam somewhere around 1955; then suddenly the seeer had moved from one end of the church to the other end, without anybody noticing.
I left 2 stacks of images with her, plus 1 information magazine.

Then I still had 3 information magazines and a lot of images left. I only knew 1 more church to visit, and we would return home in one day. So I was still a bit worried. We searched for the catholic cathedral, and shortly after 1PM we found it.

There was a short mass ongoing. We sat down, and after the mass I went to the priest, Fr Noel Rucastle.
I explained my mission, and told again about my mother’s experience. The priest was quite enthousiastic. He said that he would like to incorporate the material on the Lady in on 15 August, the Assumption of Mary, which is the patronal feast of South Africa. He also asked for 3 information magazines, since there are 3 catholic parishes in Cape Town. That releaved me very much, for I had exactly the right number of magazines with me, and I did not have to find and visit more churches.

I interpreted this coincidence as the third small miracle, or indication, that I had done the right thing handing out the images. Anyway the nuns of Amsterdam had been very right in predicting that the distribution would go well.

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