Welcome at my blog. I plan to write about various subjects that have my interest, mainly religion, politics and trivia. I’ll try to write most posts in English, but some posts will be in Dutch; especially ones that republish work of my late father, Lambert van Delft.

My posts on religion will often have to do with the so called Lady of All Nations. In 1945 a woman named Ida Peerdeman claimed to have appearances of Mary, the mother of Christ, in Amsterdam. On November 16, 1950, the appearance told that she was the Lady of All Nations. In the next year, she gave a prayer with the phrase: “…the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary”. Although the bisshop of the diocese has acknowledged the Amsterdam apparations, this phrase is still highly disputed. The Lady herself explained: “‘Who once was Mary’ means: many people have known Mary as Mary. Now, however, in this new era which is about to begin, I wish to be the Lady of All Nations. Everyone understands this.”

In about 1955, my mother attended a mass in the Thomas van Aquino church in Amsterdam. She did not know Ida Peerdeman at the time, but she witnessed that Ida’s location was suddenly changed from the back of the church to the front (remark: 2015: this is what I thought my mother had told me. Later she told me something different: the church was very full, but with some luck or so she found herself unexpectedly close to Ida Peerdeman; my mouther found that remarkable). This raised her interest.

A girl-friend introduced her to a cousin, who was interested in appearances of Mary. To be short: they met; married not long after; and got two daughters and a son. My father dedicated his working carreer to an unpaid philosophical study abouts God’s plan, partly based on supernatural phenomena such as apparations of Mary. He corresponded and published his results on a small scale. Sometimes that coincided with strange happenings.

I find it peculiar that my birth date was exactly 10 years after Mary called herself the Lady of All Nations. This does not prove anything, but I believe I owe my life to the Lady of All Nations. I have also experienced myself a few strange things related to her, most of which I find too private to write about.

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  1. Sheila Nicolas Says:

    Mr Barns,

    Our Almighty God who is omnipotent & omnipresent, always preempts mankind’s crises. At that time when Israel would be oppressed, God raises a chosen one from birth to break the bondage: Joseph during the famine; David during the invasion of Goliath’s tribe; Judith from the despotic ruler; to His Son as the Supreme Savior from man’s pride & sins, with Mary as His co-redemptrix.

    In same manner, Our Lady appeared as warning and protection, to where a certain place is most vulnerable during a crisis. Her vulnerability as a sign of Divine strength: in Fatima, for peace, the name Fatima, daughter of Mohammed (pbuh), sparing Portugal from the onslaught of WWII; in Lourdes, for healing, sparing France from epidemics during the French Revol.; Medjugorje, sparing them from aerial bombing; Baneux, of the poor, sparing Belgium from economic instability; and in Amsterdam, most vulnerable to floods, sparing her from deluge as what is occuring now bec of climate change, 60 yrs after her silent apparition as Our Lady of All Nations. And more so, giving importance to the Holy Eucharist that’s why the messages were revealed AS Eucharistic Experiences by Ida, and in tribute to the Eucharistic Miracle at the Beguinhof.

    ANd may I share, here at our Pasig Cathedral is the 17th century relief OUR LADY OF THE APOCALYPSE, shwoing blooming vineyards & fountains, as a positive affirmation of heaven on earth, the kingdom on earth, and as a supernatural wave of the people from the Middle East advocating peace & democracy, God assures us through Our Lady of All Nations, the fulfillment of een mooie belofte, of peace!

    God bless us all!

    Sheila Nicolas
    Pasig City

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